Always Another

You lose it right from the start
But forget the other ones and it’s got no heart
So what are words worth to you
There’s got to be some of you back there
The proof is getting away
From those divine time silk-lined throwaways
The new keeps aging on you
But you know that none of it dies there

Here in the heart I started to say
You know I just don’t care
If new is a way of falling apart
I’m only dreaming of you I’ll only dream of you
A girl you can’t know away
Draw lines on northern roads just to hear her say
My views are growing on you
You just can’t have that much to pack there
The truth was getting away
And so it’s blind words you don’t throw love away
A city boy needs a view
Sing him the western road and home for tea at two

Always another
Safe for you brother
It’s just another day
Always another
Kleenex your lover
I’ll look the other way

But here in my heart I can do anything I want
‘ Cause here in my heart I can feel any way I want
You know? I want
Always another
I’m feeling it too