Out On Those Moments

Out on those moments you’ve been waiting
Watching my daylight slip away
Yes and I know that you’ve been calling
But there are reasons that I stay
Down by the sea the tides are turning
Visit the moon or visit me
Leave me the time I need an hour
What is the silence worth to me

The shadows floating like dust on light
Give me the hour don’t spin me tonight
‘ Cuse we can say it but only you can tell
Just a minute away just what were you after
Save a soul

I don’t see paths I don’t cross bridges
There are no beacons through the night
I just feel breezes blowing through me
Telling me now the time is right
Still I see shapes of walls you’re building
Trying to keep my cold away
But have you felt the night cut through you
And did you let it walk away

I thought I’d laugh don’t know why
Reasons the same just pass it by
Just a minute away what were you after
Save a soul

Out on those moments