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Welcome to the official website of Australian rock band Matt Finish, best known for their hit albums Short Note (1981), Fade Away (1981) and Word Of Mouth (1983).

Formed in 1979 by legendary singer-songwriter Matt Moffitt (1956–2003) and award-winning multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer John Prior, the band has also featured many other acclaimed musicians including Rick Grossman, Jeff Clayton, Guy Le Claire, Harry Brus, David Adams and Dale Barlow.

Matt Finish's songs have been broadcast on radio for over three decades, featured in numerous televsion shows, movies and compilation albums, and covered by many other artists.

During the eighties, Matt Finish performed more than 3,000 shows to over a million people and shared stages with Roxy Music, Midnight Oil, U2, Cold Chisel, The B52's, The Angels, XTC, INXS, Mi-Sex and The Ramones.

After Matt Moffitt's tragic death in 2003, John decided in 2006 to reform the band as a tribute to Matt and to keep their music alive.

Since then, they've performed over a hundred club shows and music workshops and headlined the Sydney Guitar Festival and the Thredbo Blues Festival.

In 2009 John remastered a collection of Matt Finish recordings, which are now available as two 6-disc box-sets Set One and Set Two.

The 2015 line up features Ric Herbert (Get Rich Band, X-Factor, Underbelly, King Kong, Babe), Dai Pritchard (Billy Thorpe, Rose Tattoo), Justin Bianchi (Doc Neeson Band) and John Prior, who also continues to manage and produce the band.

They have recently performed with The Oz Rock Roadshow featuring Mark Gable from the Choirboys, Angry Anderson from Rose Tattoo, Mick Pealing from Stars, Steve Mulry from TMG and Black Label and Bob Spencer fromThe Angels and Skyhooks.

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"For Matt Finish, it is as if music is sacred and its language a privilege."
Christie Eliezer - The Music


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