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"All-time Australian classic" Michael Smith - Drum Media

“One of the great Australian song bands.” Glenn A Baker - Rock Brain Of The Universe

"For Matt Finish, it is as if music is sacred and its language a privilege.” Christie Eliezer - themusic.com.au

“With fistfuls of dust lashing their faces, Matt Finish went the fang. Mad dogs cutting into a striving performance that simply blistered with power and passion." Andrew McMillan

“Music is next to laughter as medicine for the soul and I could easily OD on this dose.” Deb Lalor - What's On Central Coast

“Brilliant, actually fucking brilliant.” Rusty - Electric Mary

"Matt Finish, I've followed them for a long time". Pete Townshend (2009)

“A talented, tightly-wound troop oozing heart, mind and melody.” Rob Hirst - Midnight Oil (2009)

“A real muso’s band, a driving 3 piece with brooding songs and soundscapes that were unique at the time and still are. We enjoyed playing with them a lot in the hurly burly pub scene of the early ‘80’s.” Peter Garrett MP - Midnight Oil (2009)

“Some of the best Australian music of the eighties and nineties.” ScreenSound Australia (2003)

"Whenever we flew internal across Australia on tour, drummer Terry Chambers always seemed to be playing Matt Finish's cassette on his walkman. I borrowed it from him a few times and we'd talk enthusiastically about their music. Terry and I loved one of their drum rhythms so much, a hi-hat pattern actually, that we 'borrowed' it for a song on XTC's next album, Knuckle Down from English Settlement. Thanks lads. Nice bunch of blokes who helped make our first Aussie tour so relaxed and friendly." Andy Partridge - XTC (2009)

“A brilliant band.” Ted Gardner - Lollapalooza co-founder, Tool manager, MF tour manager (2002)

"Unique rhythms, unique chordal guitar structures and colours, there's been nothing quite like it before or since - great work." Tim Gaze - Ariel, Jon Lord... (2009)

“They came on like a rock band, all tee shirts and denim, made like a jazz band.” Phil Stafford - Editor of RAM, Rock Australia Magazine (1983)

“One of Australia’s greatest live rock bands” Deb Lalor - What's On Central Coast (2008)

"Matt Finish established its reputation as an explosive live act that could pack out any venue on the east coast of Australia." Oz Rocker - Amazon (2004)

“Matt Finish remain something of a musical triumph and inspire a near-fanatical following.” Murray Engleheart (1983)

"On one tour, they blew seven tyres at the same time — including the equipment truck, a band car 10 kilometres down the road, and a hire car right in the middle of Sydney Harbour being returned to the rental office." Christie Eliezer, The Music (2008)

“I left the David Bowie show at Waverley Park to see Matt Finish at the Prince of Wales and they were better.” Miranda Jetlagg (2008)

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“Triumphant… full of swagger… enigmatic… Australian classic… rare talent.” Jo Robinson - The Age (2009)

"A total sphere-smasher." Brecon Walsh (2009)

Short Note>

"I've loved this song for a long time now. It reminds me of hot summer nights. There's nothing like songs and smells that can take you back to an exact second in time... and this is one of those songs for me." Wendy Matthews

“Short Note was the greatest debut album by an Australian band.” Greg Cammeron (2006)

“OMG!!… A+… two thumbs up!… 5 stars… great band… one of the best Australian songs of all time!!… love these guys… the greatest tribute to the GREATEST song… it made my week!… songs like this need to be here… god i miss the 80s… RIP Matt... I love it soo much if ut wasnt for matt finsish htere would be no SHORT NOTE today.” YouTube (2009)

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"Unfuckingbelievable... immediate addiction!... I was blown away... still makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up. Classic Matt Finish." YouTube (2009)

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"Word Of Mouth album is one of the most arresting, splenetic, lyrically incisive, musically colourful and emotionally candid albums to have been produced in this country.” Brecon Walsh (1984)

1978 – 2008 >

"A perfect compliment to the original albums, a fitting tribute to Matt and the playing and sounds are awesome!!!" Myspace (2008)

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Wild one with a dark angel's voice > Annie Souter (2003)

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